by Carolyn Buck Luce

Imagine how you would feel knowing that the next ten years will be the best decade of your life, so far.

Do you remember playing the game of Life as a child? Nothing to lose that couldn’t be recovered at the next throw of the dice. Everything to win – fame, fortune, love, and family. Hours of fun playing with others. Or was it Monopoly, or the game of Risk that gave you hours of fun with your friends and family? Why not a real game of Life? The Decade Game®.

The Decade Game® redefines a player’s job description from the formal job description that accompanies a paycheck to a new job description – – how to build the experiences, knowledge, and relationships that will guarantee the player a decade of meaning and purpose. In the Decade Game, the objective is for the player to grow to be the leader of his or her dreams, at home, at work, and in the world. And it is a multi-player game that can be played with others, including your employer, your friends, and your family.

Carolyn is the inventor of the Decade Game and has been playing The Decade Game since she was eight, reinventing herself every decade. She is living proof that the next 10 years can be the best decade of your life, so far, no matter what life throws her way. Accomplished Linguist, top student, Diplomat, Wall Street Banker, Corporate Strategist, Professor, Healthcare Futurist, Philanthropist, Talent Innovator, Executive Coach, Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Carolyn has demonstrated the benefits of playing the game of life to win, as opposed to playing not to lose. Along the way, she has coached and mentored hundreds of friends, colleagues, students, and clients of all ages on her framework for playing the decade game.

Carolyn has a book in the works, The Decade Game® – Creating a Future by Design, not Default, so that she can share the rules of the game with the world. In the meantime, Carolyn takes on a handful of remarkable women clients annually in a 6-month master class program to coach and guide them on their Decade Games.

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