How we can work with you:

Strategic Facilitation

Facilitate means to make something easier. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. We love to take complex challenges, ones that have multiple layers of rational, political and emotional dimensions, and make them easier to understand and to solve.

We help executives align around a range of key organizational issues – which could include aligning around the “must have” priorities of their strategy, navigating disparate agendas to agree on the allocation of scarce resources, and agreeing on what activities to stop doing in order to free up resources and attention for more important priorities.

Knowing what questions are to be asked – and what answers must be questioned – we bring context-rich facilitation into the room.

This can be in the form of designing and facilitating executive retreats, moderating panels of experts and helping to make Board Room dialogues more productive.

Carolyn and Rob have worked with executives in 37 of the current Fortune 100 companies to help them advance their most important objectives. We have also worked with some of the world’s leading foundations, not-for-profits, and NGOs.

Where do you need to make things easier in your organization?

For more information and to see how we might serve you or your organization, please contact us.