Imaginal Labs Master Class Workshops

Rob Evans and Carolyn Buck Luce are gifted educators who are committed to passing on their accumulated wisdom to the next generation of leaders and facilitators through the Imaginal Labs Master Class workshops.

Our workshops are highly interactive and combine the creative elements of environment, context, choreography, culture

and content; workshop timeframes can range from half day to one week in length. It is important to note that each Imaginal Labs Master Class is tailored to the specific needs of its participants and sponsors. For more information and to see how we might serve you or your organization, please contact us.

For more information on the upcoming workshop with Rob Evans:
Design and Facilitation
of Collaborative Work
October 7-11


Popular Imaginal Labs Master Class offerings include:


The essence of The Collaboration Code is a unique, revolutionary approach to workshop design. The approach is based originally in the patented MG Taylor methodology, which Rob mastered and took to scale through the Ernst & Young (later Capgemini) Accelerated Solutions Environment. It has been tempered and enriched by Rob Evan’s over four decades of experience in teaching facilitation and “massive” collaboration with many of the world’s most successful – and demanding – organizations.

Rob tailors each master class workshop to your unique situation and requirements. The workshops typically run for between three and ten days (in multiple sessions) for small and large (50+) groups and cover such topics as:

  • Theories and models of collaborative work
  • Design of collaborative workshops, such as:
  • Executive board/team meetings
  • Team Problem-solving and solution design
  • Ecosystem alignment and mobilization sessions
  • Movement making
  • Collaborative tools for quickly building deep relationships
  • Handling critical workshop logistics
  • Working with client/engagement sponsors and disparate stakeholders
  • Personal presence: voice, movement, pacing, authenticity, and connection
  • Visuals: PowerPoint (the right way), mind mapping, strategic modeling, graphic facilitation
  • Facilitation tools to move groups from ideation to action
  • Dealing effectively with typical facilitation problems – and typical problem participants
  • Designing and producing real-time deliverables to document sessions
  • Basic facilitation and collaboration techniques to teach junior colleagues
  • Personalized development plans for further growth

Design and Facilitation
of Collaborative Work
October 7-11


What participants are saying about Rob’s design and facilitation workshops:

This was the best training session I’ve ever been part of—great content, super support team and awesome learning process. I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in our team and our leaders for growing the collaborative process.

– Partner, Professional Services Firm

Thank you so much for the phenomenal DesignShop “Learn As Much As You Can” training in New York last week. From the first moment I was introduced to the DesignShop approach, I have been fascinated by the approach and its potential to transform people and organizations. This was amazing.

–  Director of Justice Ministry Education, Auburn Seminary

Fantastic program!! Highlight of the year. This was an exceptional event that refueled me. Wonderful to reconnect with colleagues. Rob, words can’t express how fantastic it was to finally meet you and see you in action. Your team exceeded all expectations and the benefits of your hard work will grow exponentially.

– Partner, Professional Services Firm

Case Study: Major Indian Consulting Company

A major India-based consulting company contracted with Rob for a one-week training for twenty executives in the U.S Market to teach them world-class skills in CXO session design and facilitation skills. The head of Global Consulting Services credited this work with an increase in sales and new brand-awareness among current and potential clients.

Case Study: U.S. Professional Services Firm

One of the largest global professional service firms contracted with Rob for a 3-day training for twenty collaboration leaders charged with creating a new practice focused on collaborative workshop delivery.

Case Study: Training Multifaith Religious Leaders

Rob is leading a series of workshops on collaborative design and facilitation for leaders in the multifaith movement for social and racial justice in America.

ILworkshops1Imagine if a global diplomat, international banker, corporate executive, management consultant, wife, mother and grandmother, Carolyn Buck Luce has packed decades of experience “winning in a man’s world” into a la carte or full menu master classes that cover topics including:

    • Claiming Ambition and Power
    • Winning with Networks and Networking
    • Owning and Celebrating Your Identity
    • Honing Your Executive Presence
    • Building Sponsorship and Relationship Capital
    • Men as Allies
    • Constructing your Decade Game
    • Winning at Home, at Work, and in the World

Carolyn has honed her real world insights into effective classroom delivery through her decade of teaching Women and Power, a class she designed for the Columbia University Graduate School of International and Public Affairs and 3 years of teaching at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business’ Executive Women’s Leadership Program as well as delivering bespoke Master Classes to the corporate clients of the Center for Talent Innovation.


Carolyn Buck Luce co-founded, along with the brilliant Dr. Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) whose mission is to drive ground-breaking research that leverages talent across the divides of gender, generation, geography, and culture and is currently the Executive in Residence.  Many of CTI’s 20+ major research projects, starting with the publication in the HBR in 2005 of the article “On Ramps and Off Ramps; Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success” have changed the global conversation in executive suites and boardrooms around the world. These insights, combined with Carolyn’s experience as a founding member of EY’s Gender Equity Task Force and a leader of their Professional Women’s Network, have made Carolyn a sought after Master Class Educator on what strategies, tactics, systems and structures need to be employed to help companies win with women – internally and in the market.

In partnership with CTI, and their consulting affiliate, Hewlett Consulting Partners, Carolyn delivers Master Classes in topics that include:

  • Building and Leading Effective Women’s Networks

  • A Systems Approach to Building a Gender Smart Company

  • Winning With Women in the SHEconomy

  • Harnessing the Power of the Purse in Healthcare

  • Women in Power, and the Men Who Love Them

    Additional reading for Becoming a Gender Smart Company


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    Misunderstood Millennial Talent: The Other 91 Percent (2016)

    Ambition in Black and White: The Feminist Narrative Revised (2016)

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    Mission Critical: Unlocking the Value of Veterans in the Workforce (A Vireo Book and Rare Bird Books, 2015)

    Growing Global Executives: The New Competencies (A Vireo Book and Rare Bird Books, 2015)

    Black Women: Ready to Lead (2015)

    The Power of the Purse: Engaging Women Decision Makers in Healthy Outcomes (2015)

    Women Want Five Things (2014)

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