:: DesignShop® Process

Nothing in a DesignShop® is accidental. Everything has a purpose. We have learned from highly creative and collaborative teams and built their habits into our process. You don’t see many PowerPoint presentations in a DesignShop®. We have the conversations here that people will be making PowerPoint slides about in the future!

A DesignShop® is held in an equalizing environment. We don’t want participants to forget what they know and make compromises. We want them to understand the logic behind everyone’s positions. Scan, Focus, Act are the three phases of a DesignShop®.

During Scan, participants share their wisdom and insight to create a collective foundation for success. Everyone’s ideas come into play, as well as ideas from conventional, as well as unconventional, external sources. Focus is about testing new ideas. As teams work in parallel on these ideas, the best ones resurface again and  again until the group begins to align behind the critical ideas that can be resourced and carried forward.

During Act, the group self-organizes into teams to work on pieces of an integrated solution. The energy is big, and  you can feel it like a James Bond movie. We are working mostly in small teams to work on a piece to a whole. Even though participants work exceedingly hard during a DesignShop®, they are amazed at how swiftly the hours fly by and at how far the results exceed their expectations.