Transformational Leadership Council

Transformational Leadership Council was established in July of 2004 by Jack Canfield. We are a group of thought leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, researchers, consultants, and others who are leaders in the fields of personal and professional development. We meet twice a year to network, connect, and learn from each other in order to enhance our effectiveness and contribution in the world. Carolyn and Rob are members of TLC and are privileged to learn from the remarkable men and women who are masterful teachers in the field of personal growth and transformation.

Stewart Emery brings a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur, executive coach and leader, and is considered one of the fathers of the Human Potential Movement. A visiting professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Management, Stewart has lead executive teams and organizations to achieve success built to last. Author of several best selling books; Stewart Emery has led workshops, seminars and delivered keynotes all over the world. A wonderful story teller with a
great sense of humor, Stewart has touched the lives of millions of people through leading workshops and seminars, writing books, delivering keynotes, and making radio and television appearances.

Stephen Josephs is a master teacher who helps leaders build their vitality and focus to improve the performance of their companies and make them great places to work. With a doctorate in Aesthetics in Education, Stephen uses art, music, drama, and movement to create greater impact and raise the fun quotient in teams and large groups, He is particularly interested in the intersection between business performance, psychology, and mind/body disciplines. He has had a daily practice of mind-body disciplines for 47+ years (tai chi, qigong, aikido, meditation). His recent book, Dragons at Work is available for
free on You may especially enjoy Rob’s walk-on part as a “fictional character” in the book