THE COLLABORATION CODE® is curated by Rob Evans (above) who is recognized as one of the world’s best known and most respected facilitators. He has taught thousands of leaders and facilitators in the private, public, and NGO sectors.



The DesignShop® process is the most powerful approach known for helping groups solve complex, mission-critical, multi-stakeholder challenges now known as “Wicked Problems.” The world needs these methods as never before.

Now, for the first time, THE COLLABORATION CODE® brings together a comprehensive, how-to description of the approaches, methods, and deep research underlying the DesignShop® and other approaches derived from it. The system gives leaders and practitioners a means to advance and deepen their own work, at whatever level of experience and proficiency they find themselves, from beginner to world-class expert.

THE COLLABORATION CODE® is a practical guide for those leaders and facilitators who are serious about achieving real breakthrough results in the shortest possible time. The books deliver comprehensive, state-of-the-art information on how to make collaboration work in any organization, from the largest for-profit global company to the newest, scrappiest start-ups, to governmental agencies, and to NGOs and not-for-profit organizations working for social good.

THE COLLABORATION CODE® system is an indispensable resource for educators teaching collaborative design and facilitation. The series includes sample exercises, practical examples, and insights drawn from working with many of the world’s most successful organizations. 



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The purchase price of the books also includes online access to the material, including new tools, patterns, and other updates as they are created. 

  • PatternsPATTERNS: Unlocking the Power of Collaborative Teams (Rob Evans) unpacks the “secret sauce” of collaborative work – those principles of practice drawn from a deep understanding of how humans can learn and design new solutions at the highest level of performance. This expanded second edition contains twelve entirely new patterns and expanded definitions of many others.
    $145.00, plus shipping and handling



  • ToolsTOOLS: The Leader’s Guide to Collaborative Solutions (Rob Evans) provides a comprehensive view of the modules that are used in the delivery of collaborative working sessions, including what the exercise is, how it is used, and how it is delivered with specific, actual examples of module team assignments.
    $195.00, plus shipping and handling



  • ModelsModels: Frameworks for Transformation (Matt Taylor, Rob Evans, and Kelvy Bird) presents the entire set of models and terms of art in the MG Taylor Modeling Language, including many never-before documented models. Kelvy Bird created all-new depictions of the models, Christopher Fuller re-imagined the glyphs, and Kelly Adams illustrated the 22 Habits of Creative People. 
    $195.00, plus shipping and handling*

(*For those of you who have purchased Patterns and Tools, we are pleased to offer Models to you at the reduced price of $120, plus shipping and handling to allow you to add to your collection of The Collaboration Code.)


CollectionThe Collaboration Code Collection: Patterns, Tools, and Models.
$395.00, plus shipping and handling






Upcoming titles include (Sign up on our mailing list for release information):

KreW: Enablers of Group Genius (Robin Sue Brooking) Insight into the skills and team dynamics required to design and support collaborative work. Available July, 2019

Place: Sheltering the Future (Matt Taylor and Rob Evans) What works in designing, establishing, and managing environments of transformation. Available July, 2020