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Download the pdf below to the talk given this year at Annual Meeting of the SFO chapter of the HBA on October 24th, 2013. It's a large file (17 mb, but it's worth it.)

Download the PDF slide deck at right to the talk given this year at Annual Meeting of the SFO chapter of the HBA on October 24th, 2013. It’s a large file (17MB) so it might take a moment.

Carolyn Buck Luce spoke at the Annual Meeting of the SFO chapter of the HBA on October 24th, 2013 at the HQ of Onyx Pharmaceuticals.  She shared her vision for the future of the HC industry and the new competencies that leaders will need to drive the transformation that is upon us.

Download the PDF slide deck HERE

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Carolyn Buck Luce on Being a Ten Year Planner


by Carolyn Buck Luce

I have been a “ten year planner” since I was 8. This has allowed me to reinvent myself many times over – Diplomat, Banker, Company Executive, Strategist, Broker/Dealer, Management Consultant, Civic and Corporate Board Member, Professor as well as Mother, Wife, Grandmother and Friend.

Every decade I have dreamed ahead ten years to how I would like to be known and involved in the world – and then I have set out on a journey of discovery to get “here from there”.

This means creating a road map with milestones of what critical experiences I would love to have, what knowledge and skills would I like to acquire and who would I like to be in a relationship with.

What has motivated me has not been about “What position do I want to have in ten years?,” but rather “What is my purpose on this planet?”

Whatever “job” I have happened to have at the time is not actually my job description for myself. Instead, I see my job description as “Learn how to be a good one in service of my purpose” – and any job is a great platform to start the journey.

If you think about it, ten years of discovery – critical experiences, skills, knowledge, relationships, networks (before you need them!) – is a long time. In fact, it’s about 87,000 hours. According to Malcolm Gladwell, it only takes 10,000 hours to become a world expert. So imagine that you sleep for 30,000 hours. That leaves 50,000 hours to invest in learning how to be great in the areas you have intentionally decided to gain critical experiences, knowledge and relationships.

Legacy Building

Legacy Building

Constructing a Life of Meaning and Purpose

We believe that two of the worst words in the English language are “if only.” If only I had …

People’s life stories are like company’s business models. A simple definition of a company’s business model is how it chooses to organize tangible and intangible assets in a way that creates the most meaning and impact for others, and consequently for itself as well. It is similar for your life story. You are inspired by dreams and intentions. Your story is then shaped by the choices you make that inform the experiences, knowledge and relationships that you acquire along the journey.

We have taken our experience of architecting business models for companies to help courageous leaders design and construct lives of meaning, impact and purpose in their work, their families and their world.

We have designed a framework for decision-making and action that allows you to dream boldly and invest your time and energy wisely in order to make the next decade the best decade of your life so far.

We and our partners can work with you individually and in targeted cohorts. For groups of leaders, our legacy building services include guiding Ten Year Planning Circles of selected high-performance leaders, counseling high impact teams, and advising the leadership of Women’s Network and Employee Resource Groups. We also work with select leaders to support the development of an executive’s personal brand and identity, in both the physical and digital world.


Contact us for more information on our Legacy Building Services.