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Thought Leadership

How we can work with you: Thought Leadership Carolyn Buck Luce and Rob Evans have developed a wealth of thought leadership over the course of their career that span the areas of the Transformation of the Health Care Industry globally, Design Thinking applied to Business Model and Ecosystem Architecture, Global Talent Management and Leadership. Rob is known for the practical wisdom that he imparts in his DesignShops® and other executive workshops. He has personally influenced more than 25,000 executives from the world’s leading companies and other organizations with what Fred Smith, founder and CEO of FedEx described as his unique
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DesignShop® Process

:: DesignShop® Process Nothing in a DesignShop® is accidental. Everything has a purpose. We have learned from highly creative and collaborative teams and built their habits into our process. You don’t see many PowerPoint presentations in a DesignShop®. We have the conversations here that people will be making PowerPoint slides about in the future! A DesignShop® is held in an equalizing environment. We don’t want participants to forget what they know and make compromises. We want them to understand the logic behind everyone’s positions. Scan, Focus, Act are the three phases of a DesignShop®. During Scan, participants share their wisdom and insight to create
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