A quest for evolving your story superpowers

Emplyee_teamJoin us for a truly one-of-a-kind “experience” workshop where you will engage with the power of story and learn how to turn anything into an amazing story that connects with your audience.  We genuinely mean anything from a speech to a meeting to a three-second video post to a workplace conversation.

Nothing captures and sustains attention like story. Nothing creates deep connections like story. Nothing focuses motivation like story. Moreover, in a world with so much noise, so many weak connections, and so little focus, good story has never been more critical.

Over this one-day experience, you will practice and create with other questers and work side by side with mentors in a unique space, our StoryLab, created by Imaginal Labs in Portland, Oregon. The workshop draws from the best of design, business, art, and science.

Begin or continue your quest to become a great storyteller with us on June 21st in Portland.

Friday, June 21st  8:30 – 5:30

White Stag Block – University of Oregon

70 NW Couch Street

Portland, OR 97209

The day will have three phases, Scan, Focus and Act.  Imaginal Labs proven model of learning and solutioning from thousands of sessions.

In the morning, our SCAN modules will allow you to explore and learn about different story approaches and models, as well as some of the science behind why story works. You will have time to read, learn and explore.

Early afternoon we will FOCUS our learnings and begin testing story models. You will “try on” various types of stories and play with your own versions and help others with theirs.   Before the day closes you will ACT, which will further test and evolve your storytelling skills and develop your own storytelling process/system.  You will leave with multiple story “sets” that you can use when you get back to work.



Big Stories – how to produce stories for large audiences that grab and sustain attention while driving behavior.

Small Stories – tools to enable you to instantly use story everywhere from a meeting or conversation.

Individual and Collaborative Tools – story templates, brainstorming processes, and behavioral science for stories.