Educated Change

Research shows that what happens in the physical world is mirrored in the digital world only faster, cheaper and with more impact. If your reputation is important then you can’t ignore brand and reputation in the digital world, your reputation – your “brand” is key to future success. Educated Change was founded on the idea that digital communication must be done in a mindful, targeted, and strategic way; highly tailored to your goals and objectives.

We believe that digital fluency and robust digital reputation is a key power tool for 21st century leadership.

Educated Change founder Peter Klein is an entrepreneur who has devoted his life to transforming innovative ideas into reality. He has founded a number of pioneering companies including Educated Change as well as the charity; Educate Ethiopia, which helps keep 21 schools open in Ethiopia, allowing 6000 children to stay in school. Peter also lectures at Brunel University, giving students an active learning experience on CSR issues including Corporate Sustainability, Community Engagement, Job Creation. Educated Change Ltd. takes Social to the next level. Having worked with Fortune 100 companies and governmental organizations, Educated Change has helped executives move their reputation to the digital world in an easy step-by-step process; delivering brand, thought leadership, innovation and change through gamified education, social networking, collaboration and Apps.

We believe that Digital Fluency and robust digital reputation is a key power tool for 21st century leadership.