Design and Facilitation

of Collaborative Work

October 7-11, 2019 New York City 

The-Collaboration-CodeThis 5-day course is for experienced facilitators who are looking to increase their skills – and the results they can achieve with groups large and small. The course will be led by Rob Evans, who is widely recognized as one of the most skilled designers and facilitators in the world today. Rob was the founder and for ten years the global leader of the breakthrough Accelerated Solutions Environment (Ernst & Young/Capgemini) and is the author of The Collaboration Code® which is a leading model for organizational success.

Participants will receive personal copies of Patterns, Tools, and Models (seen in the image at left), the first three volumes of this systematic description of the state-of-the-art approach to collaborative working ($395 value). 

By the end of this class in workshop design and facilitation, participants will 

Understand and be able to apply the patterns, models, and core principles of collaboration that create the conditions for true GroupGenius 

Have practical strategies for selling to and working effectively with client executives and organizational leaders at all levels 

Be able to design workshops to deal effectively with complex organizational and social issues, including challenging situations that they currently face 

Have mastered a comprehensive set of dozens of workshop modules, tools, and models and understand where and how to apply them to greatest effect in large group, multi-day workshops 

Be prepared to write effective assignments 

Increase their competence – and confidence – in leading groups to successful outcomes 

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