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The Health Care Industry Needs to Start Taking Women Seriously

By Carolyn Buck-Luce and Julia Taylor Kennedy


What is the greatest impediment preventing Americans from getting good health care? Surprisingly, it’s not the cost of care. Instead, according to new research from the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), the fundamental issue is the health care industry’s failure to develop a nuanced understanding of, and commitment to, women as consumers and decision makers. For the full report, see the Harvard Business Review (Free registration required).

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Power of the Purse: Empowering women to power health outcomes

2012 WOTY Carolyn Buck Luce and a panel of experts are set to discuss the impact of the SHEconomy on healthcare at this year’s HBA Annual Conference.

By now, you’ve likely heard of the SHEconomy — the phenomenon of women earning, owning, controlling and influencing trillions of dollars in the global economy. The phenomenon means that across industries and around the world, women are making more and more of the decisions about what purchases to make, about how to spend and invest their money, and about which people and organizations they want to give that money to. CLICK HERE FOR FULL INTERVIEW

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